Our friends in Europe are continuing to add more and more red tape burdening businesses.

+ Red tape = Increased Costs = reduced profits

Take a look at the proposed Proposal for a Regulation on Privacy and Electronic euCommunications by clicking here. A good article supporting this topic is available from Marketing Week. Click here to view it.

As we all scramble to deal with the implementation of GDPR, we are likely to see yet more legislation on privacy. This time specifically relating to cookies. Marketing week point out the impact could be:

1) If lots of people choose not to opt in, this could massively reduce the ability of programmatic advertising to reach specific audience segments.

2)  This could mean that advertisers have to think about shifting their digital ad spend into the small number of channels such as Google and Facebook that can continue to leverage user data via consent as part of the log-in process. This would reduce the pool of publishers and potentially drive up costs as data comes at a premium.

3) This could also affect tracking that is used to develop more personalised and tailored experiences on brands’ digital platforms. Although the draft texts include some exceptions, for example tracking necessary to provide the service, the user experience could be impacted.

Most importantly it is being proposed that the actual browser settings should control the use of cookies when the software is actually installed as opposed to individual sites having pop-up banners to opt in.

As to whether total control and power of the internet is being handed to the behemoths such as Google and Microsoft remain to be seen…


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