Infinity can build you a dynamic financial modelling tool in Excel including P&L, Balance Sheet and cashflow forecasts.

All of our modelling comes with sensitivity and ratio analysis and are bespoke to your business. We create an easy to use package that enables users to change any key factors that dynamically update the entire model.

Benefits include:

  • Represent your company’s intentions and financial projections
  • Help your directors with scenario and strategic planning
  • Calculate forecasting
  • Show detailed costs
  • Influence budgeting decisions
  • Demonstrate security
  • Identify Risks and determine Risk Management
  • Assist with the allocation of corporate resources
  • Focus any need to raise capital or make acquisitions
  • Display historical analysis
  • Determine valuation projections

A solid and tested financial model will help you secure funding and help give you the financial analysis to efficiently run your business.

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